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Northern Light
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The 70' America's Cup class twelve metre, Northern Light, is the longest and most graceful in the fleet. She was built in 1938 during the golden era of yachting when the mansions of Newport bustled with their summer residents and yacht racing was carried out in the grand tradition.

Upon boarding Northern Light, you will notice her spacious deck layout and her large mahogany cockpit which offers comfortable seating. The polished brass glistens and the 91' original spruce mast soars overhead. Her interior is beautifully restored with an enclosed private head, a spacious main salon with seating for all and a fully equipped galley which is ideal for your catering needs.

Her professional crew of three will work with you and those who wish to participate in hoisting, grinding and trimming of the sails. Take command of her polished bronze helm and feel the thrill as she slices through the water at speed. You may choose from three levels of intensity for guest involvement. No previous sailing experience is necessary for any level of participation.

Northern Light was a gift to 24-year old Lee Loomis, Jr., from his father in 1938 as an incentive to keep his son from going off to Europe where war was eminent.

Twenty years later, she became the prized possession of the famous Greek shipping tycoon, Stavaros Niarchos. He renamed her Nereus and it was under this name that she participated in the America's Cup in 1958 as the trial horse for Columbia. In 1962, she saw cup service again and in 1964 worked with the American defense team and Constellation.

Eventually, Northern Light was taken to the Great Lakes where she cruised and raced successfully for years. She had several other owners before finally falling into disrepair and was abandoned in Holland, Michigan. She sat forlorn tied to a dock without paint, varnish or maintenance while the vandals picked her clean. For years she struggled through the snow and ice of winter and the heat of the summer with two household cellar pumps running continuously to keep her afloat. She finally sank.

Her history, pedigree and magical allure inspired her present owner, Bob Tiedemann, to resurrect her from the bottom of the Lake in 1984. After a two year extensive rebuild, to the amazement of critics, she was relaunched. All of her missing hardware was located or reproduced to original 1938 specifications making her an outstanding beauty in any concours d'elegance. Sailing through the Great Lakes, the Erie Canal and then down the Hudson River, she was reunited with her old racing rival Gleam after a 26 year separation. She has been a true leader and inspiration in the revival of the vintage twelve metre class.

Northern Light has been featured on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and The Discovery Channel. She has also graced the pages of numerous magazines with her highly photogenic, sleek navy blue hull and graceful lines.



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