In my nearly two decades working with Seascope not only have we amassed a collection of fine wooden yachts, but by far our greatest assets are our Captains and Crew that have joined the Seascope family along the way.
- Elizabeth Tiedemann, President

Captain Charlie Costa Captain Charlie Costa,
Captain, Pam, Mariner & Fawan

If you volunteer long enough, they just might hire you& .as good fortune would have it, in the winter of 1998, Charlie's love of wooden boats led him to Wickford Cove Marina where he found 4 (at the time) classic beauties all with winter projects needing attention. He generously offered his time, electrical and carpentry expertise to help the cause of keeping the Tiedemann Collection of wooden yachts alive and helped to get them ready to go into the water for the next season. After many years as a volunteer member of the Seascope family, in 2002, Charlie earned his Captains License and happily began piloting Mariner and Pam- as a paid employee! What we all want to know is how Charlie has invented a way to create more than 24 hours in a day& . In addition to his work with Seascope, he has a 401k job as an Electrical Draftsman at Raytheon (for 35 years), just finished building a Factory Five Racing 1965 AC Cobra replica that he has successfully campaigned in shows throughout New England, builds model boats, has raised a family with his wife of 20 years, Donna, and still has time to enjoy a cold beverage after a long day on the water with the Seascope crew! We are so pleased (and Charlie is so proud) that his daughter, Chelsea, joined the Seascope family as 1st Mate on Mariner in the 2008 season.

Captain Dave McCurdy Captain Dave McCurdy,
Captain, Pam, Mariner & Fawan

The next time you drive over the Newport Bridge look down to the South as you pass over the center span. Below you'll see Rose Island and a beautifully restored white lighthouse on a tiny island. When not tending to a myriad of duties as Executive Director of the Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation, Captain Dave McCurdy drives our custom built power boat Pam, our glass cabin launch, Fawan and 54'Alden Yawl, Mariner. You might also see him ferrying visitors to and from Rose Island aboard Starfish or sailing his own classic 40'Concordia Yawl, Rowdy. Captain Dave is an Environmental Consultant by training and has been on the water sailing since he was 6 years old. When not skippering, Captain Dave might be found skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving or playing tennis.

Captain Carl Bowen Captain Carl Bowen,
Captain, Pam

Tracing his roots in Rhode Island to the 1600s, Captain Carl has a passion for Narragansett Bay and especially enjoys sharing its history and aesthetic beauty with charter guests. But don't let him convince you that Newport's famed Bowen's Wharf belongs to him! Although sailing and boating have been in his family since they came to the United States, with Sea Captain Isaac Bowen noted in the 1800's, they don't, unfortunately, own the wharf. A software marketing and sales executive by day, Captain Carl enjoys skippering the lovely Pam evenings and weekends for Seascope. When he is not aboard Pam, he is most likely aboard (or working on) his own Fortier 26 power boat with his wife of a quarter of a century, Kathy. One of his most memorable charters aboard Pam was a beautiful and colorful Indian Wedding, complete with music and a flame around which the Bride and Groom danced all while cruising around the Newport Harbor.

Captain Nate Oberg Captain Nate Oberg,
Captain 12 Metre Onawa

Boats and sailing run deep in Captain Nate's blood. As the son of a Shipwright, he remembers cold, wet, blustery days aboard his father's cabin-less catboat. The beaming grin on his father's face did not sway young Nate's mind about sailing he did not like it. Somewhere along the way that sentiment not only changed, it took an about face, for sailing is now a beloved passion of Captain Nate's as well. In 2000, Nate joined the Seascope team in the boatyard. His charismatic demeanor and thorough knowledge of boats made him a natural choice when a Mate position became available on Mariner. Two seasons later he took on the 1st Mate position aboard Gleam along side his mentor and second father, Captain Bob Tiedemann. After several seasons in the boatyard and working aboard all of the Tiedemann Collection yachts, Nate was inspired by Captain Bob, to earn his Captain's license. His first Captain's watch was aboard a sailing vessel he knew well, Mariner. The next season the great honor to take over the helm of 12 Metre Onawa came along and Nate was a shoe-in. He now carefully oversees Onawa year-round winters in the boatyard and summers on the water. When he is not sailing or spending time with his lovely girlfriend Rebecca, he is no doubt searching for churning surf. No sails necessary for his second favorite on-the-water pastime give Nate a surfboard and a big wave and you'll see a very happy Captain.

Chelsea Costa Chelsea Costa
1st Mate, Mariner

Although not our first legacy employee, Chelsea is the only current one. As 1st Mate aboard Mariner, Chelsea knows her job well and loves what she does. She has been around the Seascope boats since she was 7 years old, tagging along with her father, Captain Charlie, and truly learning by seeing and doing. In addition to sailing, Chelsea is an accomplished equestrian and would eventually like to be a large animal veterinarian. Currently a student at the University of Rhode Island, when she is not riding or sailing, you might find Chelsea playing flute, piccolo, recorder, guitar or piano. She is a natural addition to the accomplished Seascope team of musicians.

Mary Weaver Mary Weaver
Director of Marketing & Sails

Organizing classic yacht regattas at the Museum of Yachting and a love of animals are what brought Mary to the Seascope team. Having met Bob and Elizabeth in the early 1990s, Mary was immediately drawn to their dedication to rescuing, restoring and racing classic and vintage wooden yachts. The sad occasion of the Tiedemann's dear old Schnauzer Ben passing away brought them together, and they have been working and playing together ever since. Mary's background in hospitality, communications and marketing are an ideal fit with Elizabeth's fine tuned skills in the Seascope office. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design's Interior Design program, she and Elizabeth also have a small Interior Design business that takes on marine, residential and commercial clients. In her spare time Mary enjoys her Colonial house, sailing, skiing and rides horses. Don't be surprised to see Mary on one of your charters, as she is always the first to aptly volunteer as fill-in crew!

Office Cats MoxSeascope Office Cats
Merlin, Orange Tabby, Hired in 2001 - Director of Hiding Places and Head Bat Catcher.

Moxie, Brown Tabby, Hired in 2003 - Office Bouncer, Southpaw Swatter and Ferocious Hisser.


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