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Since 1976, Seascope Yachts has been customizing outings on the waters of Newport and along the New England coast for groups from 2 to 500.

Pleasure sailing, executive retreats, client entertaining, family outings, board meetings, fishing – U.S. Coast Guard inspected and certified power- and sailboats

  • Creators of “Your Own America’s Cup Regatta”, the hands-on team building program aboard their rare vintage 12-metres
  • Featuring the Tiedemann private collection of yachts, Gleam, Northern Light, Mariner and M/V Pam, as seen on the Discovery Channel, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and in Town & Country magazine
  • The most qualified, loyal, dedicated and service-oriented crew.

More than just a will feel Bob and Elizabeth Tiedemann’s passion for rare classic vessels.

Elizabeth’s full range of expertise and attention to detail will make your planning pleasurable and your event unforgettable!

Recipients of the Preserve Rhode Island Maritime Heritage Award

“There is no greater team building experience.” Gary Jobson, ESPN

Bob and Elizabeth Tiedemann's efforts
to restore classic yachts is recognized
by Preserve Rhode Island.

Bob and Elizabeth Tiedemann received the Maritime Heritage Award for their years of work restoring classic yachts. The Newport couple is aboard the 1938 Northern Light.

NEWPORT - Bob Tiedemann became interested in boats as a boy when he visited boatyards in Connecticut and watched retired racing and pleasure yachts being dismantled.

"I saw a lot of beautiful old boats get cut up with chainsaws,"he said.

Tiedemann still spends time in boatyards, but instead of watching the destruction of old yachts, he and his wife Elizabeth oversee their rebirth.

The Tiedemanns received the Maritime Heritage Award Friday (Sept. 3, 1999) evening at a reception at the Museum of Yachting, hosted by Preserve Rhode Island. The award recognizes the Newport couple's efforts to save and restore classic boats to their original appearance, and the role they have played in bringing vintage 12-meter sloops back to the waters of Newport. The reception was held as part of the Classic Yacht Regatta. Sept. 4-6, 1999.

"It's a tremendous honor. I'm humbled that they selected us," Bob Tiedemann said.

Tiedemann decided early in life he didn't want to see more classic yachts from the late 19th and early 20th centuries fade away, so he did something about it. In 1974, he began work on restoring the Gleam, a 12-meter America's Cup Class sloop built in 1937. Along the way he researched old photos and plans of the boat, and read up on its previous owners. In doing the restoration work, he made sure the interior and exterior looked the way they did in 1937.

Gleam RestoredHis eventual success with Gleam led to the restoration of three other classic yachts, including Gleam's 1938 racing rival, the Northern Light.

"The Northern Light was rescued from the bottom of Lake Michigan. Bob couldn't restore it here because it was too fragile to move, so he had to work on it in Michigan," Elizabeth Tiedemann said. Two years later, the 70-foot long sloop, built in 1938, arrived in Newport as Tiedemann's second success.

But it's the first boat Bob Tiedemann restored, the Gleam, that holds a special place in the couple's hearts. They were married on the bow of the sloop in 1994. The couple owns and operates Seascope Yacht Charters, a company that restores classic yachts (boats built before the 1950s) and charters them to corporate clientele. The chartered outings range from the team-building experience of operating a racing yacht to client entertaining on motor-powered boats.

"The business from our repeat clientele is high, and we're taking bookings into the year 2001," said Elizabeth Tiedemann, who performs most of Seascope's administrative duties.

The Tiedemanns are assisted by a crew of 15 people during the summer and about five in the winter. The crew does everything from sail the boats to helping with maintenance and restoration. Bob Tiedemann said he was especially proud of his crew. "This year for the first time in the New England area we had five or six volunteers show up to help work on the boats. They did everything from painting to scraping the bottoms of the hulls."

"The crew is very important to us," Elizabeth Tiedemann said. "We have lots of multi-year staff members stay because they enjoy the work they're doing."

When not restoring yachts, the Tiedemanns are busy restoring their home, which was designed in 1870 by architect Richard Morris Hunt. "We love researching and working on the house," said Elizabeth Tiedemann, who added that the couple is on a list to get plans for the house from the Smithsonian Institution.

Bob Tiedemann said that someday he plans to write some books on yacht restoration, but right now he is having too much fun restoring the boats to stop and write about them. He said he is looking forward to tackling his most difficult project to date: restoring the 62-foot rum runner L'Allegro, which has the same interior it did when it was built in 1918. "It's truly a historic time capsule," Elizabeth Tiedemann said.


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