Your Own America's Cup Regatta ...

aboard 2 - 9 America's Cup class 12-Metre Yachts on the smooth, sheltered waters of Narragansett Bay.

Gleaming brass, polished mahogany, and all the comforts of the golden age of yachting will greet you as you step aboard these 68’ – 70’fully-restored former America’s Cup class yachts; some built in the day when 12-Metre yachts were required by the racing rules to have comfortable and fully complemented interiors. The three pre-war twelves, Gleam, Northern Light and Onawa are lovingly restored and equally matched on the race course.

You and your guests may choose to participate (no prior sailing experience is necessary) in the team effort required to get your yacht around the course ahead of all others or simply relax and let the skilled crew crank the winches for you. Select from our three levels of team building. Take the helm...feel the thrilling response of these thoroughbred yachts. Witness the beauty, power and majesty as another twelve pulls up right along side...get your yacht to the committee boat first and take the winning cannon!

Experience the thrill of being a Larry Ellison, Dennis Connor or Ted Turner for the half to full day!

Outfit your teams in each of our boat’s crew gear to promote team bonding and as an exclusive event souvenir. All crew gear can be customized with your company’s logo and/or the name of your outing.

For full day programs, lunch is usually served amidst highly spirited camaraderie at a "raft up" of the racing yachts with the majestic committee boat. The race committee boat also serves as a video taping platform to record your event as well as a spectator vessel for non-sailors and is the perfect place to rendezvous at the end of the day to discuss the days racing strategies over cocktails.

For half day programs boxed lunches can be enjoyed aboard the racing yachts. (See our Services page for more information on boxed lunches.)

Elizabeth Tiedemann has custom tailored this "America's Cup" team building experience for many Fortune 500 companies for decades.

Contact Elizabeth or Mary for discussion or details.